Joseph Joachim Violin Competition 2023

Competition rules 2024
  • The competition is open to any Nationality,  age limit 40 years old.
  • Applicants must send a short CV, a copy of their Passport or ID, video(s) link and proof of payment at
  • Check the video application guidance below. 
  • Application deadline 27 July 2024. Winners names will be published online and contacted via email by 30 July 2024.
  • In the application, specify in order of preference from the repertoire list, one or more concertos/pieces you wish to perform if you will be selected as the winner.
  • You can specify or change which concertos/pieces you would like to perform from the list even after you have submitted your application but no later than 27 July 2024.
  • If you wish to perform as the winner a different concert/piece which is not on the list, please send a request at
Video application guidance
  • The video or videos total length is recommended a minimum of 10 mins and a maximum of around 45 mins.
  • Video(s) are recommended to include contrast in the fast and slow movements or different music styles and periods. 
  • Applicants can send one video or multiple videos.
  • Only video links will be accepted (video links with a password will also be accepted). Videos that need to be downloaded will not be accepted.

The applicant video(s) can feature any repertoire, composer or period, you don’t need to submit a video with the concerto you want to perform as the winner. The video or videos can feature any repertoire solo or accompaniment. You can choose one of the 3 options below or a mix of the 3. As an example, only solo violin performance video or videos is sufficient, is not obligatory to submit videos with orchestra or piano accompaniment. 

1. Solo violin; for example; suites, partitas, sonatas,
caprices, preludes etc.

2. Violin and piano; for example; sonatas, dances, romances, suites,
concertos etc.

3. Violin and orchestra or violin and small ensemble.